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  • LB-13
  • LB-13
  • LB-13
  • Key Specifications/Special Features:

    Multi-ribbed insulator eliminates flash over

    95% pure aluminum insulator

    Strong resistance to heat and shock

    Great mechanic and electronic features

    Super insulation

    Nickel-plated housing prevents oxidation and corrosion

    Heat crimping process ensures absolute air-tight fit

    Inner sealing with conductive glass ensures a fine conductivity and seal

    Multilayer gaskets are strong and reliable

    Copper core electrode prevents oxidation and corrosion

    Good electricity and heat conductivity

    Crossreference: Denso G13-1A,CAT 243-4291,194-8518,Champion RB77WPCC,Waukeha 69919D,Bosch 7306,Beru 18GZ6-77-2,Altronic L1863IP etc.

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