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  • 立本INT旋力系列镍合金乐投letou国际米兰足球俱乐部
  • 立本INT旋力系列镍合金乐投letou国际米兰足球俱乐部
  • 立本INT旋力系列镍合金乐投letou国际米兰足球俱乐部
  • 立本INT旋力系列镍合金乐投letou国际米兰足球俱乐部
  • Engineered for high perference and reliablity!

    LIBEN's innovation design, materials and processes represents the best of OE technology.


    1.The breakthrough three-valves side electrode design, plus the patent technologies of XFire spark plug,making the plug has superior combustion efficiency.Turbo-like ignition flames can collide and merge into a powerful point, meanwhile, avoiding the anti-inflammatory effect.

    2.Side electrode is made with noble metal, formed by high-pressure injection die casting. The design is proved to be effective on the combustion that help gasoline burn more effectively.

    3.The centre electrode is intverted conical designed,which current can move faster to the tip and stay charged.This design improves the ignitability and also help the startup and acceleration in low temperature.

    4.The side electrode is wider and thicker,improving the electrical effects. Meanwhile, the centre electrode is made with Iridium metal, which can withstand 2450℃, making the plug more durable.

    5.Patented insulator design,not even have the function of ant-lightning but also make this product unique and decent.


    Suitable for use of mostly automotives. Please contact us for more informations.

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